Inspirato – Sales Operation & Growth Strategy

Scott Bunce, CEO of EpicenterSpark Hospitality, recently completed a contract with Inspirato, a luxury destination club, to help launch their sales operation and growth strategy.

Brent Handler, Inspirato’s founder and CEO said “Scott’s leadership in helping Inspirato launch and lead our sales organization has proven invaluable. Scott drove sales productivity, sales forecasting, sales training, budgeting, incentive compensation initiatives, field automation initiatives, revenue forecasting, proactively diagnosed bottlenecks in the sales process, developed comprehensive pipeline reporting tools and managed the overall sales budget, and Inspirato’s CRM ( which translated to record sales virtually every month he worked with us.

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Robinson Development Inc. – Hotel Indigo & Distressed Hotels

EpicenterSpark Hospitality and Robinson Development, Inc. are pursuing distressed hotels & resort developments including a new construction hotel, Hotel Indigo, in Colorado. Robinson Development Inc. has established itself as a private real estate developer with demonstrated fiduciary expertise and market knowledge. Poised to manage projects nationwide, RDI’s expertise is evidenced in its repeated return on delivery in diverse market conditions.

Quality and attention to detail are fundamental best practices deployed by RDI beginning with the financial structure of each development project. RDI’s value proposition-appreciable return on investment-is built on superior planning and execution before construction begins.

Our Risk Management model means that RDI approaches each project with exacting due diligence from in ception through completion. On the front end, RDI thoroughly examines the legal and financial aspects modeling the project for pro forma based on the investors’ expectations on return, construction and development costs, and market lease rates. RDI asks the tough questions: Does the project make financial sense and does it meet a market demand? Does it move forward in a manner that minimizes risk for the construction and investor? Is it priced right, with enough amenities, and built at a low enough cost and sold for as high a price as possible? Then and only then does it achieve what RDI lives buy: maximizing ROI for investors.

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Goforth Group, LLC – Distressed Hotels & Resort Development

EpicenterSpark Hospitality and The Goforth Group LLC are jointly pursuing distressed hotels & resort development. The Goforth Group, LLC is a full-service real estate development, brokerage, and consulting firm with over 50 years of real estate experience involving over a billion dollars of projects and transactions.

We recognize that each client’s needs and projects are unique. We carefully analyze each project’s financial data and marketing research while incorporating the project’s goals and development issues. This allows us to create a checklist of detailed objectives that encompasses all aspects of a project from conception to feasibility, budgeting, site analysis, zoning, government approvals/permitting, planning, financing, engineering, legal, construction, marketing, operations, and a myriad of other issues including assembling the be st team members and coordinating their expertise.

A well orchestrated development team can work as well as a finely tuned orchestra and the product can be just as meaningful and beautiful. We assure that all development issues are properly addressed from the initial creative idea, through implementation and to exit strategies. We tackle both low risk projects as well as more speculative ventures with greater risks. For questions or more information, please contact:

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Forever Wild, Private Residence Golf and Ski Resort

EpicenterSpark Hospitality is engaged with Dotsero Development Com pany for 3rd party management of Forever Wild . Forever Wild is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in an ultra-exclusive community nestled in the Colorado Rockies.

Forever Wild will offer a world of luxury combined with endless outdoor activity. It is poised to be the most highly amenitized, most exclusive destination resort in the United States if not the world. Surrounded by thousands of US Government wilderness acres, resident members will have breathtaking views in every direction. This resort-style community will feature a 500 acre private ski area, an 18-hole Gary Player-designed golf course, a world-class equestrian center, gold medal fly fishing, big game trophy hunting, and the area’s most coveted residences.

As a “Green Development, ” Forever Wild will boast wind, solar and hydro-energy generation, as well as geo-thermal heat and a wellness center focused around it’s hot springs spas.

This spectacular property is less than an hour from Vail, Beaver Creek, Aspen, and Steamboat Springs, four of the strongest second-home markets in the world. These destination resorts experienced dramatic and steady appreciation over the past decade. As part of this renowned neighborhood, Forever Wild will boast the only private ski area in Colorado—the second of its kind in the world.

With an anticipated limited offering of 250 exclusive residences, Forever Wild will encompass $1 billion of marketable real estate by the completion of its third phase.

To ensure the project’s success, a visionary team will provide a wealth of experience: managers Ge orge Dickson and Dana Gianoulis; EpicenterSpark Hospitality International, LLC for 3rd party Hospitality Management, D5 as development partners including DeLay Development Company, LLC, Jim Dignan of Fuller Real Estate, and James DeFrancia of Lowe Enterprises; Gary Player Golf Design; EcoSign Ski Resort Design; Ratnik Snowmaking; THK Land Planners, Vision Land Consultants; Oz Architecture; 4240 Architecture; WTS International for wellness center design; JVA Associates for water and waste water treatment design; New York best-selling author and Hollywood publicist Wendy Wilkinson; Global Lifestyle Group Quintessentially as Concierge; The White Horse Ranch as equestrian purveyors; Condominium specialist Lynette Hegeman formerly associated with IntraWest and now in association with EpicenterSpark Hospitality and responsible for the success of Winter Park, Colorado and Breckenridge, Colorado; Keller Williams Mountain Properties Sales and Marketing; and other experienced team m embers. Millennium Bank of Vail, Colorado, will fund the project at 75% of cost.

The Forever Wild investment opportunity is available now for a very short time. Those who invested early in Vail, Beaver Creek, Aspen and Steamboat Springs never looked back. The same will be true at Forever Wild. We encourage you to contact us for a personal interview and to review the complete package. For questions or more information, please contact:

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Restel, a leader in lodging hospitality in Finland operating 47 hotels, has tapped into Scott Bunce, CEO of EpicenterSpark Hospitality for assessment and analysis of Sales, Marketing & Revenue Management. The new suggestions for future development and activities were achieved through an interactive assessment of overall business challenges & opportunities.

Restel is performing extremely well and enjoying some of the highest RevPar growth of their competitive set. Lasse Lindevall , Vice President, Commercial at Restel, was looking to fine tune his organization and retained Mr. Bunce, of EpicenterSpark Hospitality.

The analysis provided new alignment of management goals, improving room night production, improvement in GOPPAR, Sales and Marketing expense models, operational adoption of Sales/Marketing & Revenue Management practices, Restel case studies, Sales Account Management around driving new business and maximize rates, and Channel Management.

The new suggestions for future development and activities were placed into priorities, and further more Restel has retained Mr. Bunce for future Restel education and understanding of Sales & Revenue Management Education and Communication.

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Aston Hotels & Resorts

Scott Bunce recently spent an entire year contracted with Aston Hotels and Resorts to help launch Aston’s main land growth strategy.

The relationship started as a result of Scott’s former work as Vice President of ResortQuest, Aston’s former brand. Kelvin Bloom, Aston President and Gary Ettinger, EVP selected Scott for his experience in Resort Vacation Rentals Operations and HOA experience. Gary tracked Scott down as Scott’s company EpicenterSpark Hospitality focuses in this area of expertise and offered him the opportunity to Help launch Aston’s property in Lake Tahoe, Lakeland Village Resort, and Aston’s property in Sun Valley. As the two properties successfully transitioned in to Aston Scott finished the contract excited about Aston’s position and stability.

Gary Ettinger said “I have had the opportunity to work with Scott Bunce on two separate occasions. First, he and I were peers at ResortQuest with region al responsibilities for multi-property oversight. In working with Scott I developed a tremendous sense of respect of his ability to conceptualize challenges and develop solutions to address them, take advantage of opportunities and gain optimal results from the locations under his direction. I was so impressed with Scott’s skills, that later in my career when I needed a consultant to assist me with two new enterprises which were distant from our corporate office, I retained Scott’s services.”

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AnswerAnalytics, a Business Information Strategy Consulting Firm, is excited to announce the hiring of Scott Bunce, VP of Hospitality Analytics. “Scott will lead the Hospitality Analytics’ sales and solution delivery service line. After our initial success with IHG, we are proud and excited to strengthen our capabilities in the hospitability vertical. Scott has a remarkable track record and executive experience with renowned organizations such as Marriott, Hilton a nd Radisson.” Luciano Tiberia, Principal at AnswerAnalytics.

Scott brings 20 years of leadership experience delivering enterprise value in the hospitality industry and now has the ability to deliver advanced analytical insights to the hospitality community. “I am excited to join AnswerAnalytics and bring my hospitality expertise to the analytical space. By leveraging EpicenterSpark Hospitality, our collection of talent is perfect for Management Companies and Brands to take advantage of our proven methods to drive revenue and profitability.” Scott Bunce, VP of Hospitality Analytics.

“As part of AnswerAnalytics’ team, we believe Scott’s experience in revenue performance enhancement, strategic planning, revenue forecasting and performance reporting is well positioned to drive improved profitability in the hospitality industry and beyond.” Marco Cacciatore, Principal at AnswerAnalytics.

AnswerAnalytics is a business information strategy firm utilizing data driven techniques to realize enhanced business value. The Company assists organizations seeking to achieve enhanced productivity from Finance, Marketing and IT through enhanced Data Driven Business Insight and Reduced Operating Costs. Its home page is

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d2o “Deadline to Online”

d2o and Scott Bunce, CEO of EpicenterSpark Hospitality, have been contracted to help launch d2o and its hospitality technology solution PMI in North America from d2o’s Norwegian roots.

The relationship started as a result of Scott’s former work as Vice President of Revenue Management and Distribution, and d2o’s owner, Young Nguyen, both working in Europe for the Rezidor Hotel Group. Young tracked Scott down and offered him the opportunity to launch d2o in North America after d2o’s successful business growth throughout Europe. Scott has been contracted to market d2o via PR, social media, trade shows, partnerships, personal and professional networking.

“I am v ery excited for d2o and the fact that the company has been able to get so much exposure and new business”, said Scott Bunce. In fact Scott and his company EpicenterSpark Hospitality will be involved in distributing d2o’s product PMI now the that d2o has had a successful launch.

In addition to supporting d2o, EpicenterSpark Hospitality and Scott will also take on new domestic and international hotel and resort management and consulting assignments such as the work with Restel in Finland, and 3rd party management for Hotel and Resort developers such as Robinson Development, The Goforth Group and Whitehall – Enterprises for their exciting new Hotel and Resort projects.

d2o, “deadline 2 online,” providers of the web-based Performance Management Intelligence (PMI) suite that enables hotel and resort department heads to intelligently manage their daily costs in approximately 5 minutes a day, based on a daily rolling revenue forecast tied to labor productivity.

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Premiere Resorts


Charge of local, regional and corporate sales & marketing. Supervised 25 sales and marketing personnel.

Impact Made

  • Achieved revenue growth each successive year and met sales goals.
  • Dellivered sales & Marketing strategies that successfully launched three new resort operations.

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East West Resorts


Marketing, sales, public relations and business development

Impact Made

  • Increased revenues by 10% in one year.
  • Dellivered strategic cooperative partnership plan that resulted in 20% increase to marketing funds.
  • Devised and launched database mining campaign that resulted in 5% increase in return guest purchases.

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